Navigating Polarities Cohort Connection

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This course examines how our deeply held attachments can keep us stuck in a polarized view – shedding light on why navigating these paradoxical tensions is often easier said than done. We will explore the role identity and vulnerability play and why it is so much harder to navigate polarities in which questions of ‘who am I?’ and ‘courage to change’ start to emerge.

You will practice the five steps of Navigating Polarities and learn to use the Polarity Navigator®, a tool to help others (and yourself) make sense of, and better navigate, polarities. And because as leaders, coaches, and practitioners, the self always comes into play when working with others, you’ll get the benefits of exploring your own relationship to some key polarities by taking the Key Polarity Indicator™ (KPI) Self-Assessment and receiving an individual coaching debrief.

Program Objectives

  • Determine what situations benefit from a polarity lens
  • Identify stages and symptoms of Suffering Paradox
  • Navigate Polarities by Analyzing, Mapping, Exploring, Acting, and Monitoring
  • Help others create a Polarity Navigator to make sense of, and better navigate, polarities
  • Explain how the linkages between identity and polarities impact navigating polarities
  • Apply the concept of mindsets to help others identify the Third Way
  • Work with others to explore the Vulnerability required to Navigate Polarities
  • Use the Key Polarity Indicator diagnostic wheels to see polarities at play for individuals, leaders, and organizations

Program Highlights

Over a three-month period, you will:

  • Participate in four 2.5-hour interactive large-group sessions
  • Take the Key Polarity Indicator Self-Assessment
  • Receive an individual coaching debrief of your KPI
  • Engage in learning explorations between sessions with small groups of talented leaders, coaches, and consultants from around the world 
  • Complete multi-modal learning assignments before each session

This program has been accredited by the ICF for the following credit hours:

  • Core Competencies – 8.5 hours
  • Resource Development – 15 hours

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