Andirons allow the fire to
Burn Bright

Andirons are the uprights in front of a fireplace that hold the logs. They create space for oxygen, allowing the fire to dance and burn brightly. Like polarities, andirons always come in pairs — and the magic of fire happens between their poles. They are a place for connection, they hold the space for paradox, they offer the promise of transformation. And they’re a great metaphor for what we stand for — and what our work aims to do.

Who We Are

We are a passionate bunch. We love the work we do and are fortunate to work with people we love. Our partners — both clients and coaches — think of us as:  


Fire Tenders

We tend the fire of transformation — in others, and ourselves.

Wood Carriers

We do the heavy lifting, so our partners can be the rockstars they are.

Light Casters

We help people transform by casting light, not heat.

Love Kindlers

We aim to expand the world’s conscious capacity to love.

S’more Makers

We delight in creating experiences to facilitate growth and stir joy.

What We Do

We are a leadership development consultancy with an impressive history of partnering with organizations around the world to achieve sustained results in developing leaders and harnessing the power of polarities. We have a unique way of balancing human dynamics with business needs, of simultaneously challenging and inspiring, and getting results while having fun.

How We Do It


What makes a fire burn
is space between the logs,
a breathing space.
Too much of a good thing,
too many logs
packed in too tight
can douse the flames
almost as surely
as a pail of water would.

When we are able to build
open spaces
in the same way
we have learned
to pile on the logs,
then we can come to see how
it is fuel, and absence of the fuel
together, that make fire possible.

We only need to lay a log
lightly from time to time.
A fire

simply because the space is there,
with openings
in which the flame
that knows just how it wants to burn
can find its way.

Some of Our Partners