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Creating Space and Tools for Transformation

Our leadership development programs help leaders see themselves and the world differently, so they can thrive in complexity and drive strategic success. We design and deliver programs, coaching, tools, and resources for organizations at scale.

Mindsets Video

What is a Mindset?

This quick video introduces the concept of mindsets and why they are central to our work with leaders. Transformation doesn’t happen by just changing our actions. It requires a fundamental shift in the way we see ourselves, the world, and the flashlights we hold.

When you develop your leaders you grow your business

Driving transformational results in organizations and leaders

We expand mindsets

Like flashlights illuminating the actions we’ll take, mindsets determine how we see a situation and ourselves in it, and dictate the path we take to the results we’ll get. Mindsets are shaped by values, preferences, assumptions, and culture. Shifting mindsets isn’t easy. We have proven techniques that help people explore and adopt new ways of seeing and thinking. 

We navigate polarities

How can you perform two seemingly opposite actions at once: be candid and diplomatic, provide structure and flexibility, keep things stable and change, focus on organizational interests and employee interests? Many approach polarities with Either/Or thinking. Yet leaders, teams, and organizations that navigate situations using a Both/And mindset outperform those that don’t. We show leaders how.

We engage supervisors

Leaders flourish when their development is supported by the system of which they’re a part. We enable supervisors to support their leaders’ development through shared understanding of key concepts and rich conversations that exponentially increase the impact and strategic success of the program.

We care

Designing a well-crafted learning environment takes intention and attention to the details. We nurture and care for the human element, the experience, and our partners. We take care of the particulars so our partners can focus on doing what they do best: Being the rockstars they are.

The value of partnering with Andiron is that your leaders go beyond learning new skills – they grow in their leadership capacity – they learn for lifetime so the return on investment reaches far beyond the program. Andiron crafted a meaningful leadership development program that was designed to move our mission forward within our distinct culture – there was nothing “off the shelf” about the program. The program was designed with a unique blend of theory and application, practicality and fun, inside both a collective and individualized experience. If you’re looking for a culture impacting program, Andiron is the partner for you!

Sharon Blackborow AVP, Learning & Development, Inova Health Systems

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