Leadership Development

Leadership Coaching

Your organization’s success depends on the effectiveness of your leaders. By now, they have the technical skills they need, but it’s the ongoing development of leadership mindsets, heartsets, and skillsets that will set them apart — and become your competitive advantage. 

Executive Leadership Coaching is a sacred relationship and dynamic process that helps a leader first get curious and then get clear. They will discover new perspectives and develop the courage they need to move from current reality to a desired future state more swiftly, mindfully, and confidently than they would if working  on their own.  

“Coaching supports leaders to challenge assumptions and invites them to find the courage to act on that information. When done well, the best of a leader will bring out the best in others. Their influence can positively impact the trajectory of the organization as well as people’s careers and lives. Along the way, the hardships of leading others is rewarded with the satisfaction of having made a positive difference for the people they lead and the organization they serve.”

Kelly Lewis, Andiron

Each coaching engagement is unique, confidential and customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of clients while also paying attention to the unique needs of the organization.

Senior Executive Coaching

Elevate results by reflecting on your organization with a trusted partner and acting on insights.

Leadership Coaching

Accelerate growth by developing the mindsets and skillsets as you move forward in your career and life.

Team Coaching & Development

Increase alignment, discover patterns and team dynamics, and develop new ways of relating and working together.

Development Program Coaching

Amplify the program experience through one-on-one application conversations and deep dives into concepts and tools.

Individual and Team Assessments

Build awareness and catalyze action using innovative assessments with expert interpretation.

Meet our Coaches

Our coaches are seasoned strategists and trusted partners who offer encouragement, support, and honest feedback to leaders and team members as they navigate the complexity inherent in leadership and organizational life.

I turned to Kelly to coach me through two leadership transitions when I needed to step more fully into my authentic power. Kelly has a unique ability to hold a supportive, non-judgmental space for clients while at the same time holding up a mirror to them and helping them to see what they are not seeing. Her mastery of polarities thinking makes for a deeply insightful and transformational coaching experience.

Abby Saloma, Chief Talent Officer, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies

Looking for a trusted partner?

We’d welcome the opportunity to explore how coaching can support::challenge your leadership journey.