Leadership Development

Development Modules

Our development modules help you curate content in bite-sized increments to meet the emerging and evolving needs of your leaders. We can customize content from our larger-scale programs into a standalone learning experience, or help you integrate it into an existing initiative.

Here are a few examples of modules we have created for some of our clients:

Expanding Your Leadership Mindset


This session provides practical tools to expand a leader’s mindset in order to increase adaptability and effectiveness.

Exploring Your Leadership Drivers


This module increases self-awareness by actively helping participants identify their key leadership drivers and shows how to use this knowledge to increase overall effectiveness.

Developing an Innovation Mindset


In this workshop, an assessment shows how leaders might subtly be blocking innovation and participants work to expand the mindsets needed to consistently drive innovation.

Here’s a menu of content topics perfect for integrating into existing initiatives or offering as standalone learning experiences – virtually or in person:

  • Resilience
  • Creating Response-Able Mindsets to Drive Accountability
  • Systems and Enterprise Mindsets
  • Utilizing Strategic Networks
  • Increasing Empathy and Trust
  • Effective Advocacy and Inquiry
  • Examining Mindsets that Hinder Innovation
  • What gets in the way of Giving Feedback and How to Give it
  • What gets in the way of Delegation and How to Do it

“I returned to work and made some immediate and continuous changes in my daily/weekly interactions.”

– Program Participant

Ready to make s’mores?

We enjoy the act of creating, the thrill of learning, and the wonder of growing. We aspire to have our partners find as much fun as they do success in our work together.