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For the northern hemisphere, everything around us is springing into Action. With the warmer weather here on the East Coast, every day is filled with the visible Action of spring—trees budding, grass greening, and flowers blooming. Here at Andiron, we’re no different as we kick off the season with a second cohort of Key Polarity Indicator™ (KPI) Certification and the next cohort of Navigating Polarities launching next week.

And (there’s that word!) as we’re moving work along and taking on more, we’re acutely aware of the importance of Reflection and being in touch with why we’re doing what we are and making sure we take the time to understand the growth and learning that is possible in every situation. 

Something tells us you can probably relate. So, what does it look like to take Action and make time for Reflection? What’s possible when we can stand in that space—and how can we do it?

Leaders get things done. They move fast to make progress against an ever-growing list of to-do’s and initiatives. But this focus on action, when overused, drives an “I’m so busy” culture that leaves no time or space for the strategic reflection vital to innovation and growth. When leaders navigate Action::Reflection, the importance of taking action and getting things done is matched by the importance of stepping back and taking time to reflect on what is and what could be. This drives the strategic action leaders need for sustained success. 

  • What is your relationship to Action::Reflection?
  • What pole are you focused on more nowadays and how does that impact those around you?
  • What can you do to loosen up on your preferred pole, to bring in more of the benefits from the other pole?

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