Celebrate Solstice

Winter sunset sky
Photo by Martin Mariani from Pexels

How can darkness illuminate our light?

Yin Yang, the Chinese philosophy that opposite characteristics are interdependent and exist in harmony, is the foundation of virtually all polarities seen in in the world. Polarities experienced by humans, leaders, and organizations all tie back to the feminine and masculine energy of Yin and Yang. We will soon be experiencing the solstice, one of the natural world’s manifestations of Yin Yang. While the northern hemisphere celebrates the winter solstice, or shortest day of the year, the southern part of the globe will celebrate the longest day on the summer solstice. This is a true experience of appreciating the interdependence and harmony of darkness and the light.

Humans have celebrated this reminder of polarities for thousands of years. While nature harmoniously shifts the balance of darkness and light, people around the world observe holidays and traditions that celebrate light in the darkness.

Here are some questions we invite you to focus on this month:

  • What does it mean to embrace darkness as much as light?
  • Look for other opposites harmonized in nature—what’s to be learned from that process?
  • As nature shifts the balance of darkness and light, what do you notice in your own rhythm? The rhythm of your team, family, or organization?

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