Focusing on Self and Others During the Holidays

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As the temperatures fall and we enter the holiday season, it becomes routine to express gratitude for our friends, loved ones and even people we may not know. Focusing on others allows us to spread joy and strengthen our relationships, but also requires internal focus to do so. We encourage you to also take time this year to be thankful for yourself. As there is no self without others and no others without self.

Relationships are essential to humans and are a big part of what gives life meaning. And they are a two-way street. We all have personal interests to satisfy and we should take care of ourselves by asking for what we need from our relationships. And we need to do it in a way that considers others’ interests and doesn’t leave them trampled and bruised. We have to care for, and be generous to others, while taking care of ourselves. Sustainable relationships require maintaining the personal energy to care for others by navigating Focus on Self::Focus on Others.

Questions to Consider:

  1.  What are some ways you can show yourself love while simultaneously expressing gratitude and thanks for those around you?
  2. Is there anything that might make you feel vulnerable about focusing more on yourself or others?
  3. Are you able to see a preference for one of the poles in your behavior? What can you do to expand your style to get the benefits of the other pole without losing the benefits of your current style?

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