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This February seems to be filled with the tension of Hope::Reality for us here at Andiron:

  • We’re desperately holding onto Hope that vaccines will allow us to regain some form of pre-pandemic life…and the Reality is, we have months before that happens
  • We’re avidly aware, especially during Black History Month, of the Reality of systemic racism in our world…and hold to Hope that the conversations in our country are different this time and will lead to different actions
  • We’re humbled by the response to our Navigating Polarities: course and the excitement about the Key Polarity Indicator (KPI) and have to balance the Hope(ful) optimism of “we can do it all” with the Reality of our current size and resources.

Something tells us you can probably relate. So, what does it look like to have Hope and hold the Reality of what is? What’s possible when we can stand in that space—and how can we do it?

The possibility of a better future keeps us going—it’s the beacon that calls us forward. Without optimism about what could be, we can shut down and sink into place of gloom—often dragging down those around us. However, having too much confidence in the inherent goodness of life can lead to naivety, impracticality, and denying what is. Part of thriving requires us to trust our ability to step into possibility while also having both feet planted in the here and now. Blending Hope::Reality provides a buoyancy to life. It allows us to accept reality and hold optimism about what’s to come.

  • What is your relationship to Hope::Reality?
  • What pole are your focused on more nowadays and how does that impact those around you?
  • What can you do to loosen up on your preferred pole, to bring in more of the benefits from the other pole?

We Hope reflecting on the Reality of these questions (see what we did there?) – on your own, with your team, a friend, or a client – can help to bring you into a more Hopeful Reality. Reach out to let us know how it goes.

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