The Power of Both/And


Touching Both Sides…

Yin Yang, the Chinese philosophy that opposite characteristics are interdependent and exist in harmony, is the foundation of virtually all polarities seen in in the world. Polarities experienced by humans, leaders, This was written over 500 years ago, and yet it seems more relevant today than ever. In a polarized world, there is so much power in developing a Both/And mindset to supplement either/or’ing.

Living a Spiritual Life means we are able to live our
Life in total polarity. This means we are at ease in the in-between spaces:

Between traditional and progressive viewpoints
Between rational and emotional responses
Between taking action and just being there
Between solitude and leisure
Between fasting and feast
Between discipline and wildness.

If we are not growing in our spiritual life, we get stuck on one end of the spectrum or the other and we end up bland, lukewarm, mediocre, and isolated.

The only way to live a spiritual life is to be able to touch both sides at the same time.

Saint Teresa of Avila, circa 1515

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