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Betsy Miller


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Betsy draws from the frameworks of polarity thinking, adult development, adaptive leadership, and immunity to change.  She was drawn to leadership coaching because of the mindset shift it offered, away from delivering answers and toward asking questions that inspire growth.  Betsy delights in working with clients who are interested in developing the capacity to hold multiple perspectives and to find opportunity in times of transition and uncertainty.  Betsy believes leadership is an inclusive call to service that should be developed broadly and deeply, and that this mindset is essential to accelerating the pace of change.  Betsy provides most of her external coaching pro bono, with a focus on using coaching as a tool to increase diversity within the profession.

Betsy is a member of Harvard Law School’s adjunct faculty, where she is currently teaching HLS’s first-ever course on polarities, Polarities: The Power of “Both/And” in Law and Leadership.

Betsy is a credentialed member of the International Coaches Federation and received her Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown in 2017.  She is a certified practitioner of Andiron’s KPI, Barry Johnson’s PACT (Polarity Application to Continuity and Transformation) Foundations program, and she earned a Certificate in Navigating Polarities from Georgetown in 2019. Betsy is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School.

Betsy likes her s’mores heavy on the melted chocolate, with 1/2 a toasted marshmallow that is hot enough to get puffy and taste a little smokey.  Fire pit only; no toaster ovens, please!

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