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Jenny Patterson

Operations & Client Experience

Jenny Patterson e1621368973152

With 22 years of experience in project management, account service, and marketing, Jenny brings a unique and well-rounded perspective to the Andiron mission as a founding member of the organization.

Jenny is driven by deep desire to make the world a better place for everyone, and a recognition of how truly special it is to be asked to partner with clients on their journey of growth and transformation. As a strategist with strong business acumen, she leads the development of program infrastructure and business initiatives in a way that focuses on the success of both the client and the firm. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with International Business emphasis. Jenny is a graduate of Navigating Polarities and a Certified KPI Practitioner.

Jenny enjoys spending her spare time reading, knitting, and nurturing animals, including feeding too many Goldfish crackers to Brian’s goats whenever she can.

Jenny prefers her s’mores burnt and messy, enjoyed with close friends on a cool summer night.

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