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Lena A Jergmo


Lena A Jergmo

Lena Axén Jergmo is a passionate coach and Organizational development consultant with more than 25 years of experience within the field of Human resources. In her previous roles as HR manager and HR director, she has developed leaders, teams and organizations in several global companies, with a deep passion for enabling growth and development. Today, Lena is an independent consultant operating out of Sweden, with customers globally. She applies a systemic approach to development and can support both structural as well as cultural dimensions of the business. Lena has worked extensively with large scale transformations in global and complex environments, and is an experienced leader.

Lena holds a Master of Science in behavioral sciences and organizational development, and recently finalized an in depth Gestalt theory based training to become Organizational practitioner. She holds ACC coach certification, CTI coach certification, and several group dynamic certifications.

"S´mores isn't really a Swedish thing, but we do barbecue marshmallows and put between crackers! I love them outdoors, by an open fireplace together with dear friends. Next time I will add some chocolate as well!"

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