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This course examines how our deeply held attachments can keep us stuck in a polarized view – shedding light on why navigating these paradoxical tensions is often easier said than done. We will explore the role identity and vulnerability play and why it is so much harder to navigate polarities in which questions of ‘who am I?’ and ‘courage to change’ start to emerge.

You will practice the five steps of Navigating Polarities and learn to use the Polarity Navigator®, a tool to help others (and yourself) make sense of, and better navigate, polarities. And because as leaders, coaches, and Working with a partner, or small group of your choosing*, you determine the pace for this course. You will explore and practice the five steps of Navigating Polarities and learn to use the Polarity Navigator®, a tool to help others (and yourself) make sense of, and better navigate, polarities. This “polysynchronous” course (big word there!) is designed to maximize the online learning experience. It is designed with both individual and partner/group work because a deep exploration of polarities, requires us to learn from both self and others. Below are some benefits we find stemming from this “polysynchronous” course.

  • Navigating Polarities On-Demand combines the best of our Navigating Polarities content with asynchronous learning content to create a unique polysynchronous learning experience.
  • Polysynchronous Learning allows you to be flexible in your structure and schedule while not leaving you isolated. Gain the benefits of Flexibility::Structure and Knowledge of Self::Knowledge of Others across the entire experience.
  • Studies show the most effective online learning happens when Learner-Content practices (reading and watching videos on your own) are integrated with Learner-Learner practices (working with others to explore more deeply.
  • Access to monthly office hours provide Learner-Teacher opportunities, the third component of effective polysynchronous experiences.

How it works:

Upon registering, you will be granted access to the course portal which provides all the resources needed to complete the experience—including a digital copy of Navigating Polarities: Using Both/And Thinking to Lead Transformation via Google Play. There is live support to field any questions or concerns participants have throughout their learning experience.

Groups of two to six people of your choosing* will then work through a series of four modules where you will:

  • Complete individual reading and video assignments to prepare for your Partner Sessions.
  • Meet with your group for Partner Sessions, where you will work through interactive virtual teaching videos delivered by Kelly Lewis and Brian Emerson, the authors of Navigating Polarities. There will be spaces in the video for you to pause, have discussions, complete activities, and practice using the tools introduced in the course.
  • Submit assignments completed by your group during the Partner Sessions if you are applying for CCEUs from the ICF.
  • Participate in optional live office hours to bring questions and discuss the course with Kelly or Brian.

Program Objectives:

  • Determine what situations benefit from a polarity lens
  • Identify stages and symptoms of Suffering Paradox
  • Navigate Polarities by Analyzing, Mapping, Exploring, Acting, and Monitoring
  • Help others create a Polarity Navigator to make sense of, and better navigate, polarities
  • Explain how the linkages between identity and polarities impact navigating polarities
  • Apply the concept of mindsets to help others identify the Third Way
  • Work with others to explore the Vulnerability required to Navigate Polarities
  • Use the Key Polarity Indicator diagnostic wheels to see polarities at play for individuals, leaders, and organizations

Program Highlights:

  • Work at your own pace to control your learning environment
  • Enjoy the option of choosing the partners for your learning journey
  • Access a variety of informative videos and readings to learn on your own
  • Participate in four interactive video teaching sessions with your group.
  • Join live office hours with faculty to deepen your learning
  • Cobrand the Polarity Navigator as you use it to help others learn

*You will be able to register for the course together, or we can help connect you with a learning partner or group. For participants who truly wish to take the course on their own, reach out to us for more options.

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